Mobilegs Ultra Ergonomic Underarm Crutches

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Meticulously designed with patients in mind, Mobilegs Ultras have been expertly crafted to elevate the experience of crutch walking, making it more comfortable, less painful, and safer. Healthcare professionals who have personally used Mobilegs can attest to the remarkable difference they bring to the table. As a result, the adoption of Mobilegs crutches is on the rise, with more and more clinics, hospitals, and urgent care centers incorporating them into their practices.

At last, a crutch alternative emerges that prioritizes user comfort and convenience. Whether you're recuperating from a recent sports injury, grappling with joint discomfort, or facing mobility challenges, Mobilegs presents itself as a superior option to traditional crutches. The strength of Mobilegs lies in its contrast with conventional crutches, addressing the shortcomings that the latter can't. Mobilegs Ultra introduces an entirely new benchmark in crutch design that remains unparalleled in any context or price range.

Features & Highlights:

  • Fully adjustable height and arm length to properly fit 98% of all adults 4’9” to 6’4” up to 300lbs.
  • Ergonomic Handgrips contour to the hand, maintain a natural wrist angle and evenly distribute load across the palm.
  • he legs are offset to provide hip clearance and limit the potential for tripping.
  • Discover an entirely new mobility experience with Mobilegs, patient-friendly, comfortable crutches that deliver the highest level of fit, comfort and performance.
  • Articulated saddle design pivots and rotates in tandem with body movement and features 1 ¼” of built-in dampening. It maintains full contact and will not abrade the soft tissue.
  • Sols as a Pair

What Makes Mobilegs Outperform All Other Crutches?

The days of underarm pain are gone with the Mobilegs Ultra. Designed for comfort, the Ultra saddle finally allows patients to use crutches without pain and discomfort.

Designed to land in front of your body, Mobilegs allow users to achieve a slimmer profile that makes walking easier and safer. Traditional crutches and other alternatives are awkward.

The handle on all Mobilegs crutches is what sets the product apart. The specialized design allows users to keep their hands in a neutral position. Additionally, the handle angle is adjustable relative to your body to further increase personal comfort.

Specially designed to maintain firm contact with the ground throughout the walking motion.

For best results, follow the fitting guide attached to your Mobilegs. To maximize comfort and longevity of the product, bear most of your body weight on your hands.

For further fitting instructions, check out the official Mobilegs fitting video.

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