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Where do you plan to go? If you expect to travel by air, the Solax Transformer 2 electric mobility scooter gets you there through lightweight, easily foldable construction.

Dubbed Exquisite Luxury on Wheels, this premier automatic folding transformer scooter weighs just 53 lbs. without a battery and is compact enough to fold down into the back of a vehicle, all at touch of a button, making travel as accessible as turning on your television. In fact, you might even be able to fit two of these airline-approved Solax mobility scooters into the back of your car.

For an electric mobility scooter, what sets the Solax Transformer 2 apart?

  • Modern look: Boasting a futuristic appearance, the Transformer 2 scooter showcases a powder-coated aluminum frame and a sleek geometric rear shroud, adding a contemporary touch to this beloved scooter.
  • A comfortable fit: Enjoy personalized comfort with the two-way adjustable tiller, allowing you to find the perfect riding position. The spacious padded seat with folding armrests, coupled with front and rear suspension, ensures a smooth and delightful journey.
  • Adjustable, convenient operation: Operating the Transformer 2 is both simple and secure using the keyed control unit equipped with paddle acceleration, speed control, horn, and a USB charger. Stay informed with the modern digital display, monitoring battery life while providing a trip odometer and speedometer.
  • Lightweight yet durable: The powerful, durable, and stable four-wheel Transformer 2 scooter is engineered to take you wherever you desire, while the LED headlight illuminates your path. For your convenience, the Transformer folds and unfolds swiftly and effortlessly in manual mode. Weighing in at just 53lbs, you can take this scooter with you wherever your heart desires.
  • Go the distance: With a top speed of 4mph and an impressive battery range of 13 miles, the Transformer remote control folding scooter delivers a full day of thrilling adventures. For transport to your destination, the Transformer 2's unique design enables you to roll it like a suitcase once folded, making it ideal for travel by planes, trains, cruise ships, buses, RVs or cars.
  • Airline approved: Equipped with a lightweight yet powerful lithium-ion battery that adheres to all FAA guidelines, this Transformer scooter ensures hassle-free airline travel. Its compact battery design allows for easy carrying of a spare, doubling your distance. Charging your scooter is now more convenient than ever, with the charging port conveniently located on the control pod, within easy reach and without the need to bend.

The Transformer 2 represents the pinnacle of innovation in the folding scooter market today. It's compact, user friendly, portable and easy to store, providing a seamless and luxurious riding experience.


  • Remote Control
  • Fully Automatic Folding and Unfolding
  • Ultra Portable
  • Perfect for Aircraft and Cruise Ships
  • 300lb Weight Capacity
  • 13.5 Miles on a Single Charge
  • Compliance letter for travel - Lithium Battery

Click Here For The Transformer 2 Spec Sheet

Model S3026 Automatic folding scooter
Overall Length 38"
Overall Width 18" w/Armrests
Tires Tire Size Front 6" x 1.5"
Tire Size Rear 7" x 2.36"
Maximum Speed 3.7mph
Safe Gradient 0-12 degrees
Maximum Gradient
Range 13.5mile
Turning Radius 55in
Weight(without battery pack) 55lbs
Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
Brake Intelligent, Regenerative, Electromagnetic Braking
Drive System Rear Wheel Drive
Handlebar PU foam
Maximum Weight Capacity Up to 300lbs
Seat Width 17"
Seat Height 22"
Battery Power Type/Lithium Battery
Motor 120W
Battery Charger 29.4V/2A


Transformer Scooter

Each Transformer Scooter is issued a 24-month warranty on electrical components and a limited lifetime coverage on framework of the scooter. Enhance Mobility also provides a 12-month warranty on each Lithium-Ion battery purchased. The warranty begins immediately following purchase.

Mobie Plus:

Each Mobie-Plus Mobility Scooter is issued a 24-month warranty on electrical components and a limited lifetime coverage on framework of the scooter. Enhance Mobility also provides a 12-month warranty on each Lithium-Ion battery purchased. The warranty begins immediately following purchase

Triaxe Scooters:

Each Triaxe Scooter is issued a 3-year warranty on the frame of the scooter and a 12-month warranty on electrical components. Triaxe Scooters also provides a 6-month warranty on each Lithium-Ion battery. The warranty begins immediately following purchase.

Warranty Exclusions: 

Tires, Tubes, Trim Pieces and Plastic Shrouds, Upholstery (Seat Back and Seat Cushions). 

This warranty also excludes the following: Loss or theft of any and all accessories (such as keys, remote controls etc.), damages caused by improper operation or maintenance, irregular spare parts, accidents, damages caused by an unauthorized refit of the scooter, and damages caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

Warranty information is provided to the customer inside their user manual for each individual scooter.

Optional warranty purchases are available. Please speak to your local Mobility Dealer for more details on how to purchase.


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