Features & Highlights

Soft: An unbelievably soft and disposable bed sheet. Comfortable, breathable fabric that keeps you cool night after night.

Soil-free: Quickly absorbs spills or leaks, 100% Waterproof and serve as dual purpose Mattress Protector.

Hassle-free: Never wash your bed sheets again with PEELAWAYS. PEELAWAYS allows you to simply tear off the dirty layer without a trip to the washing machine. With 5 Peel away Layers, just peel it off and enjoy a clean soft sheet below. Eliminates hassle of laundry.

Quality Material: The sheet are made from a nonwoven fiber blend that provides strength, absorbability and softness, protecting your sheets from leaks and spills. The microspore waterproof membrane allows for breathability and keeps you cool while protecting the mattress. PEELAWAYS contains polyester, rayon and bamboo fibers to provide a luxurious slumber experience.

Practical: Disposable sheets by Peel Away Labs help you sleep comfortably, save time by eliminating laundry and money reducing trips to the Laundromat.

#1 Caregiver Approved Bed Sheet

PeelAways are used for incontinence, bed wetting, and managing other nighttime leaks. They’re used by homecare centres, health care centres, hospitals, PGs, potty trainers, campers, RVs, truck drivers, travellers, AirBnB hosts, etc.

• Durable: Each sheet can be used for 7-10 days.

• Long lasting: Each pack can last upto 50 days

• No lifting: More convenient for you & your loved one.

• Saves time: Quick & easy clean up after accidents.

• Hassle free: Change a sheet in less than 60 seconds.

• Water proof: 1 00% water proof fitted bed sheets.

• Frustration free: No more wrestling with the corners

• Soft & breathable: Have a comforting & peaceful sleep.

• Disposable bed sheets: Just peel & toss for a new sheet to pop.

Incredibly Cost Effective Bed Sheets

Each layer is made from an exceptional blend of Bamboo, Rayon and Polyester fibers for optimum strength, absorption and softness. The mattress pad is disposable which allows for quick clean up, so goodbye extra laundry.

Packages Range from $23.99-$44.99 depending on the Sheet Size