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This Transformer series is an easy to use, ultra-portable electric, mobility scooter that offers the ultimate in convenience offering both Remote Control and Manual folding operation. While light weight, 53 lbs (24 kg) without battery, this remarkable, compact scooter has a 300 lbs (136 kg) weight capacity and which gives you up to 13.5 miles on a single charge!

The Transformer folds into a VERY compact and easy to manage unit that easily fits into the back of the smallest hatchback. This unique scooter is not only extremely portable and convenient but it’s also VERY Comfortable and easy to use. Its small compact folded size makes it easy to travel with whether by car, boat, train or airline…It’s “Airline friendly” and fully compliant with airline regulations for the carriage of Lithium Ion dry cell batteries.

Minimum 3 days rental.  For special times needed, please call 949.340.9100 


  • Remote Control Folding and Regenerative Brake
  • Light Weight & Ultra Portable only 61 lbs
  • Up to 3.7 mph
  • Up To 13.5 Miles Per Charge!
  • Lithium Battery Is 100% Airline Compliant
  • Ground Clearance -  2.5 Inches
  • Download Solax Transformer Manual Here


Model S3021 Automatic folding scooter
Overall Length 0.93m (36.9in)
Overall Width 0.45m (18.1 in)
Tires Tire Size Front 6" x 1.5"
Tire Size Rear 7" x 2.36"
Maximum Speed 6km/h (3.7mph)
Safe Gradient 0-15 degrees
Maximum Gradient 15 degrees
Range 20km (13.7mile)
Turning Radius 1.4m (55in)
Weight(without battery pack) 24kg (53ibs)
Color Red, Yellow, Blue
Brake Intelligent, Regenerative, and Electromagnetic
Drive System S-drive 45 A
Handlebar PU foam
Maximum Weight Capacity 136kg (300ibs)
Seat Width 0.43m (17in)
Seat Height 0.56m (22in)
Battery Power Type/Lithium Battery
Motor 24V 120W
Battery Charger 29.4V 2A

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