Robooter E40 Lightweight Folding Electric Smart Chair

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The Robooter E40 Folding Power Wheelchair seamlessly integrates power, comfort, and aesthetics. Equipped with a sturdy 20AH lithium-ion battery, it boasts an impressive range of 14.3 miles on a single charge (the optional 10AH battery is also compliant with airline regulations).

Engineered for travel convenience, the E40 incorporates a two-step folding system, facilitating easy packing for plane or car journeys. Its intelligent software enhances the user experience with features such as cruise control for extended drives, a beginner mode, and an intelligent speed limit function.

Key Features:

  • Next generation software and hardware integration
  • Elegance meets functionality
  • Lightweight design meant to go
  • Colorful, like your personality
  • Folding design for easy storage and transport

Seamless Fusion of Advanced Software and Hardware

Enhance scooter functionality by effortlessly upgrading firmware via the App's Bluetooth connectivity. Benefit from fault self-check and protection features, ensuring a safe and secure riding experience. The unit also offers different drive modes including cruise for effortless drives, and manual pushing mode when needed.

The seat's ergonomic design integrates a sophisticated backrest with embedded mesh, providing simplicity and sophistication. This design contours to the body, offering overall better support for the lumbar spine, resulting in a stable and relaxed experience during prolonged seating—a truly immersive and comfortable ride.

Functionality Meets Elegance in Design

Ample storage with an integrated backpacks and under-seat basket

Convenient phone charging port & built in lighting.

Color options that fit your style

Basic colors include pearl white, ink lake green, modern gray.

Innovative Folding Frame for lightweight wheelchair

Simple folding and unfolding mechanism makes travel and storage a breeze.

All-Terrain Excellence: Omni-Directional Wheels are Game-changer

Our custom-built omnidirectional wheel features 12 independent smaller rollers. The toothed structure, formed by several rubber rollers, enhances grip when overcoming obstacles and ditches. Navigate steep slopes and gaps fearlessly, enjoying unrestricted driving across all road conditions from gravel, sand, cobblestones, and more. Plus, our commitment to quality is backed by a 1000 mile assurance.

Performance improvements:

  • Overall Performance: Increased by 160%
  • Safety: Enhanced by 300%
  • Durability: Improved by 120%
  • Improved durability: 120%

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