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The ArjoHuntleigh Sara Stedy and Sara Stedy Compact enable a single caregiver to assist patients or residents perform sit to stand transfers throughout the day.

The Sara Stedy Manual Stand Aid is a support aid which encourages patients to pull themselves up into a standing position. This stand aid minimizes the amount of manual handling required by caregivers, while serving as an excellent rehabilitation tool for patients who are partially weight bearing. The Sara Stedy Manual Stand Aid is designed to be both easy and safe for the patient to use. The stand aid features an innovative pivoting seat, so that it is easy for a patient to get into the lift. Soft knee supports provide the patient with stability during the lift and once they are standing.

This stand aid offers a cross-bar handle so that the patient can pull themselves up and support themselves. Because this motion is a pulling motion rather than a pushing motion, this can reduce the risk of urine leakage, resulting in improved dignity for the patient. This stand aid also includes many features which make its operation easier and safer for the caregiver. Handgrips are integrated into the seat so that the caregiver can easily turn the stand aid while it’s in use.

This stand aid also features chassis legs which are pedal-operated. The legs can be adjusted to make access easier during transfers without requiring the caregiver to bend down. This aid features total-lock castors to create complete stability when anchored, and the castors themselves are small for a lower chassis and easier access to the unit.stand


  • PIVOTING SEAT OPENING - The pivoting seat can be moved out to enable the patient to stand, and provides an angled seated support during the transfer.
  • SARA STEDY -Designed for patients 4’11”-6’6” (149-193 cm) tall and weighing up to 400 lb (182 kg).
  • SARA STEDY COMPACT -Designed for smaller patients, 4’6”-5’8” (138-172 cm) tall and weighing up to 400 lb (182 kg)
  • KNEE SUPPORT The knee pad provides support for raising into standing and also to the patient’s legs during the transfer.
  • Easily adjusted for access to wide chairs.
  • CROSSBAR HANDLE - Allows the patient to support themselves actively by pulling.
  • PROMOTE EARLY MOBILIZATION - Sara Stedy can support early mobility initiatives by encouraging patients to be active during sitting to standing transfers.
  • AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES - Sara Stedy enables a single caregiver to assist sit-to-stand tasks for patients of different sizes and clinical assessments.
  • SIMPLIFIED EVERYDAY TRANSFERS - Sara Stedy and Sara Stedy Compact are non-powered devices. 

Minimum 5 days rental.  For special times needed, please call 949.340.9100 

The Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling has reviewed Sara Stedy and awarded it a DSDC Product Accreditation Rating Class 1B.

Product Information

Sara Stedy

Sara Stedy Compact

Max safe working load 182 kg (400 lbs) 182 kg (400 lbs)
Weight 29,4kg (64,82 lbs) 28,3 kg (62,5 lbs)
Total length 92 cm (36,2 in) 89 cm (35 in))
Total height 105 cm (41,3 in) 96 cm (37,8 in)
Height of chassis 10 cm (3,9 in) 10 cm (3,9 in)
lnternal width legs closed 36 cm (14,2 in) 36 cm (14,2 in)
Internal width legs open 75 cm (29,5 in) 75 cm (29,5 in)
External width legs open 88 cm (34,6 in) 88 cm (34,6 in)

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