Ultra-Portable Electric Scooter

This Transformer series is an easy to use, ultra-portable electric, mobility scooter that offers the ultimate in convenience offering both Remote Control and Manual folding operation. While light weight, 53 lbs (24 kg) without battery, this remarkable, compact scooter has a 300 lbs (136 kg) weight capacity and which gives you up to 13.5 miles on a single charge!

The Transformer folds into a VERY compact and easy to manage unit that easily fits into the back of the smallest hatchback. This unique scooter is not only extremely portable and convenient but it’s also VERY Comfortable and easy to use. Its small compact folded size makes it easy to travel with whether by car, boat, train or airline…It’s “Airline friendly” and fully compliant with airline regulations for the carriage of Lithium Ion dry cell batteries.

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Stride - Aluminum Foldable Travel Power Wheelchair

The Golden Tech Stride is stylish with a two-tone grey and black seat with removable cushion and a tall back for long-lasting comfort while on the go. Modern-looking front and back comfort spring suspension add to the smooth ride. The sporty design is perfect for navigating indoors and out while sightseeing, shopping, or dining. This portable folding power chair is lightweight with an aluminum frame and stows easily in the trunk of your car. Weighing as light as 52.6 lbs.*, the Stride is the perfect choice to take on road trips, cruise ships and airplanes.

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BRAND NEW! 2 FAA Approved Power Chairs

Golden Technologies Launches 2 NEW Power Wheelchairs

One of the biggest challenges for individuals with mobility issues is being able to transport your Power Chair that you rely on for daily use. Many powerchairs can be bulky making it nearly impossible to travel with. Getting it in and out of a vehicle can be such an arduous task often requiring multiple people to assist you.

Golden Technologies created 2 incredibly light folding electric chairs to help you take back your independence! Don't let the wrong chair hold you back from doing the things you love.

The new Golden Cricket & Stride Power Chairs are perfect for those looking to get around with ease! Available online with free shipping or in store purchase. Stop by Senior Mart Medical Supplies today to test drive the Cricket and Stride Electric Chairs

Journey Zoomer Chair Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair

The Zoomer Chair is unbelievable! Whether you are using it indoors or outdoors the Zoomer Chair will take you where you want to go in ease and comfort.

The Zoomer Chair features the same level of functionality as a full size electric wheelchair, but with a lightweight and foldable design. This highly portable power chair easily unfolds in seconds. Using the same release cable system as it's cousin, the Zinger, the Zoomer Chair folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds. There are no additional tools or disassembly required. Just pull the release cable to fold and unfold the Zoomer.

When folded the Zoomer Chair has a height of just 12 inches. Weighing in at just 50 pounds, including the battery, the Zoomer is easy to fit in virtually any vehicle trunk or back seat. The powerful 240W Hour Lithium battery is even airline safe and takes less than 4 hours to fully charge. The Zoomer Chair is the perfect travel companion

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MOJO Lightweight Automatic Folding Travel Scooter

Have you lost your Mojo? This all new scooter will help you get your Mojo back. The Mojo scooter is the first and only scooter to combine the ease and convenience of a manual folding scooter with the option to quickly split the scooter into two smaller pieces for easier and lighter lifting. No more struggling with a heavy scooter.
The Mojo Auto-Fold has all the great features of the Mojo plus a remote control to automatically opens and close the scooter.
The Mojo scooter features a 13 mile range, a durable magnesium alloy frame, a 300 lb weight capacity, an informative digital display, paddle acceleration, speed control and so much more

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